We created the Tri & Quad Jet Set based on 25 years in the Gunite pool industry. This easy to use, fully assembled unit from Venturi Jet Sets allows the builder to customize every pool or spa they build. 
   Each Quad unit has four Venturi jets (6” to center for a tighter fit ) that put out 10 to 22 gallons per minute (depending upon which jets you prefer, Hydro air or Waterways) with individual air control to allow the spa owner to control the air flow in every seat. 
      The Tri & Quad Jet Set is designed with two water ports to allow the builder to easily plumb a complete loop for even distribution using the standard 2” or 2½” plumbing. The Tri & Quad Jet Set uses the single water line that is plumbed for the standard single jet spa saving labor costs and time.
   By using the Tri or Quad Jet Set from Venturi Jet Sets, the builder can offer the pool or spa owner a custom product while saving both time and money.  Customize every pool or spa by using the new Tri or Quad Jet Set from Venturi Jet Sets.

 Venturi Jet Sets allows builders to customize every gunite pool or spa by simply using the new Tri or Quad Jet Set. We would love to see how you have used the Tri or Quad Jet Set. Please send your pictures to

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